Harry-Brot GmbH

The Harry bakers have been baking bread for over 300 years, according to their own principles. They have always baked organically, and today Harry-Brot is one of the largest and most well known bakeries in Germany with nine large bakeries in North, West and East Germany. In 2012 the company achieved sales of 813 million euros with 3,770 employees. Due to Harry-Brot's concern with customers and employees, high innovation standards, a willingness to invest and always the right feeling for the market and its changes, Harry-Brot is well equipped for the future. Wholegrain bread has always been an important part of the company's assortment. Harry-Brot's wholegrain bread is mainly baked with rye, but we also have wholegrain wheat bread with a significant content of fibre in our assortment, which is very popular.




Marketing Director

Karina Alikhan

+49-(40) 380 780-10364